London based fashion photographer and director Esmé Moore was born in rural Cornwall in 1997.

Having spent much of her childhood surrounded by the colourful, abundant and free-spirited nature of the Cornish landscape she decided in 2018, after studying Fashion Photography at Falmouth University, to leave Cornwall with the ambition to experience the ‘big city’ of London and its exciting reality, where she remains practicing fashion photography and film today.

However, the qualities she appreciated in Cornwall are never far from her imagination, with Moore attributing much of her work to both the environmental and personal experiences of her upbringing in such a unique landscape.

The merging of light and colour which her work is often characterised by is an element she believes comes from the electrifying and often structurally vast scenes of Cornwall. Whilst her continual focus on women, their form and the power they uphold not only comes from being predominately surrounded by strong women as a child, but also her fascination with analysing the physical motion of our bodies.

A more scientific process that subconsciously informs her work due to her own physical disability and desire to create movements that are restricted by the composition of her own body through that of her subjects, leaving for very secluded and intimate moments between reality and escapism.

Selected publications: HARPER’S Bazaar Italia, VOGUE India, NOCTIS Magazine. 

Exhibitions and Recognition: 

‘This little Drifter went to Market’, Drifter Galleries. Lonsdale Road, London, 2022.

SHOWSTUDIO x Harrods Fashion Film Awards, FInalist, 2019. Exhibited within Harrods, Knightsbridge, London. 

‘The Beautifully Grotesque, and Us’. Hoxton Arches, London, 2018.

©Esmé Moore 2022